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Event themes

The Events module supports themes: skinning of each Events module instance by providing the right .css file and images that are needed for the right display. The Events module has a number of theme build in, but it is also possible to create you own themes and upload thsoe to your site. This way, the Events module can really blend in with your perfectly designed website.

Standard theme examples

Events theme Blue theme
DNNEvents-0001.jpg DNNEvents-0012.jpg
Grey theme Small theme
DNNEvents-0018.jpg DNNEvents-0026.jpg

Custom themes

A custom theme is a specially designed Events theme in order for the modle to blend in with the skin of the site. A theme is at minimal a single .css file, but can also contain a number of images. Custom themes can be uploaded using the standard DNN file manager and selected in the settings of a module instance. Some examples of custom themes:

DNNEvents-0022.jpg DNNEvents-0023.jpg

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