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Paging issues when filtering on a category


There is an issue when trying to page through the list view of events when a filter has been applied to a category. Once you move off the first page of results the filter is lost and you get the entire unfiltered list of events.

As an example please look at the page which shows a nation-wide list of scheduled events on first entry. There are sufficient events to occupy five pages so the pager appears, and allows you to view all the events by paging through. All good so far. Now filter on the category that we have designated as the state in which the event is held. Pick NSW. The first page now shows only NSW located events, again as expected, with a pager showing there is a second page. Click for page 2 and you get not only NSW events as you should, but events for all states, reverting to the original second page of content, i.e. the filter condition is lost.

In a related issue, if you try to filter for a state with few events (e.g. WA) on any page other than the first page of results, you get a blank page and not a page with only WA events. Filter on the first results page and you get the right results.

There's clearly a logic fail on the combination of paging and filtering. A fix would be much appreciated.

This is version 6.2.1 of the Events module running on DNN 7.3.4.