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Enhancement thoughts


  1. Simplified Event Entry
I have 2 scenarios where I use events. A master community events calendar which is entered by users nationwide and events within social groups. I realize that you can add sub calendars to social groups and have a master calendar which would be my master community event calendar but it can be cumbersome if I have to go into each sub calendar to add events. It would be great to be able to go into the master and be able to select the sub calendars I want the event to show up in. My situation is specific to social groups so the master calendar entry form would expose all of the social groups that I belong to and I could select which social group event calendars I want my event to show up in. I should also be able to edit the event in the master and have it update the sub calendar and visa versa. There was another post regarding this but I think having the ability to add events in a master calender and show them in social group sub calendars would be easier for the user. There could also be a check box to show the event in the users personal event calendar too.
  1. Events by location search capability - We have nationwide events so the event list shows events from the entire country. It would great to be able to populate the event list based on the users location plus a mile radius. This could be a separate search module that allows the user to enter their zip code and a miles radius. We use maxmind to determine user location so doing this automatically would be great.
  2. It would be nice to have users enter their own locations with map capability for directions. So when a user enters an event, they see a drop down of just their locations. We have thousands of users entering events and it's impossible to use locations. It would be nice if the location information ie: venue, address, phone number, website, etc would default from their profile.
  3. Categories. I realize with sub calendars this is an issue, but with multiple calendars for different purposes, it would be great to have a different way to handle categories. Maybe a category module that enables you to create categories and subcategories.
I know these are extensive mods. Maybe these are opportunities for add-on modules for Search by locations and radius, location management, category management, a tab display to show upcoming events, this week events, popular, map that shows events, social connections etc.

Thanks for reading.


EPT wrote Jun 8, 2015 at 7:05 AM

Thank you for your set of enhancement ideas inckuding some background for the scenarios. These are indeed extensive modifications.
AFA Social Groups, they are a nice enhancements in DNN in general, but they way it is implementend makes it not very easy to do selections, filtering, combining data in code based on the social groups. SO that would ne a real challenge to have somthing you suggest.
The radius would need integration of mapping routines and an external service. And as for zipcodes, please remember that the world is bigger than the US and zipcodes do not work the same (if there are any) in other countries,
The idea that a location is connected to a user was not part of the original design, location being the location of an event and not a user. It is interesting to see how people implement Events in different ways.
They way locations are currently implemented is not very handy and limit the usability, and the combination sub/master calendar further complicates things.

Nevertheless, the suggestions and in the back of my mind. Thank you for your text.