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A common request is for an upcoming events view. With version 5.1.0 we have added the flexibility into the list view to enable this type of functionality. Previously the event title field was mandatory, which it now isn't. The description field has been templateable for a couple of versions, so it is now possible to show only the description field to format up event information in whatever layout you want. The following information gives information on how a fairly simple view could be created.

The following view has been created using Events 5.1.0:-

To cut the view to the bare minimum, I set Collapse/Expand to None, and disable Allow Print in thge module settings. Then in the Events Settings (now a separate item from module settings), I set the following items:-
  • Look & Feel Settings
    • Default View - List
    • Module Views Allow - List only
    • Enable Category Select - Unticked
    • Icon Bar - None
  • Event List Settings
    • Show Table Header - No
    • Event Fields to Display - Description
    • Collapse Recurring - Ticked
    • Various Event Selections - Set to default, but you can configure as you like
I then set the List View Description template as follows:-
<div style="font-size:11px;">
[event:title] (<a href="[event:eventurl]">link</a>)

I added a div around the template, only because I didn't want to go and edit my CSS, but equally I could have added some classes, and used the styles from CSS.

Hopefully this is clear. Otherwise post over at the DNN Events Forum

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noelx99 Jan 10, 2013 at 2:57 AM 
Awesome solution! I was having trouble with RSS and other tools showing events from the furthest date. This is a much better solution. Thanks!

wasay Apr 12, 2010 at 8:33 PM 
Hi Roger,

I have updated the events module to the latest version and my dnn version is 04.09.03,
what I cannot see is the startdate on the upcoming events,
it's on this page with title "Upcomming Events (New)" module for staging site

Your above details were great help in setting up the event, all I am missing now is the start date display of the event.

Only column I am including in the event list is the title as adding any additional column is making it a column based display rather than a row based display.

any suggestions?

wasay Apr 1, 2010 at 10:19 PM 
Thanks for the awesome solution,
I will be integrating this for couple of solutions and remove a third party solution that is not working for the repeating events as it should.